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100% Authentic Hostinger Review with Pros & Cons | Every Aspects covered

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Hostinger Review

Hostinger provides a wide range of hosting services, from complex VPS cloud hosting plans to risk-free free hosting for beginners.

My Experience with Hostinger

But how does this Kaunas, Lithuania-based company compare to other hosting services?

I set up an account with Hostinger and installed a test site to their platform to find out. Because the web host is so simple to use, I’ve added several sites from different projects to my Hostinger account and am now a paying customer.

I’ll take you under the scenes and show you features through my Hostinger account in this review. To demonstrate the performance of Hostinger servers, I’ll provide some findings from my speed tests and uptime monitor.

Throughout the years I’ve worked with Hostinger, I’ve also spoken with many managers and discussed their services. One of their responses is shown here.

The Business of Hostinger

In 2004, Hostinger began as a small business called “Hosting Media.” Later, they changed their name and established 000webhost.com, which is a popular free web hosting service.

Hostinger went on to reach a major milestone of 1 million members just 6 years after its inception, thanks to its rapid development and expansion. Hostinger Web Hosting now serves over 29 million users and has 150 employees working in 39 places across the world.

In this Hostinger Review

  • Excellent Hosting server . Performance
  • Low signup price but tons of great features 
  • Plenty of room to grow your website
  • Choices of 7 data centers
  • Free & very cheap domain prices (see comparison with GoDaddy)
  • User friendly control panel
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Lack of site migration assistance
  • Price increase during the renewal
  • Inconvenient to install free SSL
  • Negative
9.5Expert Score
Excellent 👌

What makes Hostinger better than the others

✈️ Website Speed
💸 Value for money
☎️ Customer Support
💻 Control Panel
🚨 Lifetime SSL Free

Pricing & Plans for Hostinger

  • Prices and Plans for Hostinger Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting Plans & Prices at Hostinger


  • Who should use Hostinger
  • substitute for Hostinger?

Pros of Hostinger: What Makes Hostinger a Good Choice?

1. Consistent Results: Exceptional website uptime and speed

My Hostinger rating is based in part on empirical evidence. In case you didn’t know, my team and I recently released HostScore, a new system that will track hosting performance in 2019.

We currently have a system in place that monitors server uptime every 5 minutes and does speed testing from 10 different locations around the world every 4 hours. The system’s enormous data allows me to better comprehend a web host’s performance and make more accurate judgments.

The uptime and speed test results from our Hostinger test site show that Hostinger is serious about service reliability.

Uptime of Hostinger.com

Hostinger Shared Hosting Uptime (Dec 2020 - Jan 2021)
Uptime for Hostinger in December 2020 and January 2021: There was a minor blip on December 2nd, but the remainder of the time has been 10 percent uptime. Actual results can be seen on the HostScore Hostinger review page, as well as on Hostinger’s official server uptime monitor website.
Hostinger Hosting Performance

Hostinger Hosting Speed

hostinger review
Hostinger’s average response time in January 2020 was 177.79 milliseconds. The speed of the test site is measured from the following locations: the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil, India, Australia, Japan, Canada, and Germany.
Bitcatcha Speed Test (Feb 2020):
Test of Bitcatcha Speed (February 2020): (see actual test result here).
hostinger review
TTFB = 876ms, TTFB = 876ms, TTFB = 876ms, TTFB = 876ms, TTFB = 876ms, TTFB = (see actual test result here). (see actual test result here).

Value Pack: Low-Cost Shared Plan ($0.99/month) with Excellent Features

Premium features are usually associated with premium price, however Hostinger provides a low-cost plan that incorporates a wide range of premium services for as little as $0.99 per month. It’s a fantastic deal for consumers looking for a basic website at a low cost.

Hostinger Shared Plans
A single shared hosting package with Hostinger costs less than a dollar per month. You receive 10GB SSD storage, 100GB data transfer, and a built-in website builder for $0.99 each month.

Features to Look For

Here is a rundown of some of Hostinger’s important features:

  • Support PHP 7, HTTP/2, IPv6, and LiteSpeed Caching by default – This is a great feature for improving website speed, and it’s included in all shared plans ($0.99/mo and higher).
  • Zyro Website Builder — A website builder with built-in templates that is included in all shared plans ($0.99/mo and higher).
  • WordPress Acceleration – WordPress performance optimization, available in all shared plans ($0.99/mo and higher).
  • Github Integration — Available in all shared plans ($0.99/mo and higher) and is useful for web development and versioning.
  • Free SSL – Available in all shared plans ($0.99/mo and higher) for better branding and HTTPS connections.
  • Save money with a free domain, which is available in Premium Shared and up ($1.99/mo and up).
  • Unlimited Cronjobs – Available in Premium Shared and up ($1.99/mo and more) for website automation and easy maintenance.
  • SSH access – Available in Premium Shared and up ($1.99/mo and up) for improved security and easier website management.
  • Free CDN – Improves page load time for visitors from all around the world, available in Business Shared ($3.99/mo and higher).

3. Upgrade to VPS and Cloud Hosting for plenty of room to grow your site.

You can choose from a variety of hosting options with Hostinger, based on your website’s demands.

There’s the shared hosting plan, which comes in three different flavours: Single, Premium, and Business. Single provides the essential elements for running a single website. Premium, on the other hand, provides more features and performance, whilst Business provides features and performance for eCommerce sites.

VPS hosting, which provides the highest performance in terms of speed and resources, is an option for larger websites. All of the different hosting plans allow your website plenty of room to develop and expand as your company grows.

Hostinger VPS plan
For consumers that demand more hosting capacity, Hostinger offers six different VPS hosting plans, ranging from $3.95/mo to $38.99/mo at signup.

4. Data Centers to Choose From

Hostinger’s mission is to have as much global presence as possible, which is why we have over 150 offices throughout the world. It’s the same with their data centres.

Hostinger now has 7 data centres located in the United States, Asia, and Europe (UK), from which you can select to host your website. All of the servers in the data centre are connected to 1,000 Mbps lines, ensuring optimal performance and stability. That means your website will load as quickly as possible.

Also checkHostinger best Hosting deals .

Having numerous is obviously beneficial to keeping your website loading quickly, mainly because it minimises latency for people trying to access data on your website that is closer to their physical location.Hostinger’s office and server locations throughout the world are shown on a map. Based on speed test findings, Hostinger.in and Hostinger.my are our top regional hosting picks.

5. A Free and Low-Cost Domain (.XYZ for $0.99 per year)

When it comes to domain extensions, Hostinger has some of the more reasonable pricing.

Hostinger compared-GoDaddy Domain Prices

Hostinger’s pricing for popular extensions like.com and.net are significantly lower than those of famous domain registrars like GoDaddy.

You may acquire it for as little as $0.99 for less popular domain extensions like.xyz or.tech, compared to $1.17 and $10.17 respectively from GoDaddy.

6. An Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Hostinger’s shared hosting platform runs on an in-house built control panel called hPanel. It works similarly to cPanel, but it has a more upscale style and several modern usability tweaks, making it superior to cPanel in my opinion.

The Hostinger hPanel (user dashboard) looks like this:

Hostinger dashboard - my account
Dashboard of Hostinger’s “Hosting” service – This is where you setup your website, including installing a content management system (CMS) (such as WordPress), adding additional subdomains, accessing your MySQL database, editing your DNS zone, and seeing your website files using File Manager.
Hostinger Hosting Tab.
You can see all of the domains hosted on your Hostinger account under the “Hosting” page (top navigation). As you can see, I currently have four domains hosted with Hostinger.
Hostinger Billing Tabg
You may set up a payment method and view your payment history under the “Billing” tab.

The overall structure of the hPanel dashboard makes it simple for users to access critical system operations including managing web files using the File Manager’s drag-and-drop uploader, setting up email accounts or changing your password, switching PHP versions, and tracking web host resource utilisation (refer to images below).

Hostinger PHP Version
PHP Version of Hostinger
PHP Version Selector – Users of Hostinger can choose from PHP 5.2 to PHP 7.3. Log in to your Hostinger account and go to Advanced > PHP Configuration.
Hostinger one click
Hostinger is a one-click service.
Even for newbies, Hostinger’s unique one-click programme installer interface (similar to Softaculous) is intuitive and simple to use. Login to your Hostinger user dashboard > Website > Auto Installer to get started.
Hostinger email accounts
Email accounts with Hostinger

7. Accept a variety of payment methods.

Hostinger simplifies the payment procedure for its services by accepting a wide range of payment methods. You can pay using PayPal, a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express), Maestro, or even Bitcoin.

Hostinger allows for a wide variety of payment method.
Hostinger allows for a wide variety of payment method.Hostinger can help you create or upgrade your email hosting plans.

Cons of Hostinger: What Could Be Better

1. There is no support for site migration

Many hosting firms will assist new users in migrating their websites in order to gain new clients. Sadly, this is not the case with Hostinger. Users who are transferring web hosts will have to manually transfer their sites to Hostinger.

Check out our official tutorial for help migrating your site to Hostinger. To locate an alternative hosting service provider, check out this list.

2. Price increase during the renewal

For the most part, Hostinger plans are quite affordable when you first sign up. When you renew, however, Hostinger will increase the prices quite significantly. While they have changed their renewal pricing to lower the hikes recently, the price increase is still an unpleasant surprise for many.

Hostinger signup vs renewal rates
Hostinger offers great discounts on signup (up to 81%!) but prices increase after first term. If you signup to Hostinger Premium Shared Plan today, it costs $3.79/month for 24 months subscription but $6.99/month when you renew.

3. Lack of Free SSL Support

Installing a free SSL certificate at Hostinger is rather troublesome – though the official website states that they are offering free SSL in shared plans.

To install a free SSL certificate on your Hostinger site, you will need to generate a free SSL certificate at SSL for Free and manually copy the certificate and private key to your account. You can find the detail steps to install a free SSL on Hostinger here.

Installing SSL to Hostinger shared account
To access your SSL installation page, login to Hostinger dashboard > Advanced > SSl.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Plans & Pricing

Hostinger offers 3 shared hosting plans that you can choose from, which are Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting. Since all of them come with a 30-Day Free trial, you can test out their services risk-free.

Single Web Hosting offers the basic in terms of features and performance. For those who need more, premium and business includes a number of features such as more SSD disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Business hosting, in particular, gives you 4x enhanced processing power and a free CDN which is great for eCommerce stores.

* Note #1: Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting plan ($3.79/mo) is ~30% below market average price according to our 2019 hosting market studies. 

** Note #2: Hostinger does not offer dedicated IP for shared hosting users. Get Hostinger Shared

VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

There are 6 tiers of VPS hosting on Hostinger, starting from Plan 1 to Plan 6. If you’re looking for blazing fast loading speed, the Hostinger Cloud VPS is 30x faster than other normal shared hosting services.

In addition to that, all of the Cloud VPS come with 100 MB/s Network, IPv6 Support, and SSD drives. Their Plan 6 can get you up to 8 CPUs, 8 GB Ram, 160GB disk space and 8000GB bandwidth, which can handle any kind of website. Plus, if you need help, they have dedicated in-house Live Chat supports ready to help 24/7/365.

* Note: Hostinger offers six pre-set VPS hosting plans – please check out plan #4 – #6 at their official website. All Hostinger VPS hosting comes with free dedicated IP address and full server root access.Get Hostinger VPS

Verdict: Is Hostinger Right for You?

Why Hostinger?

Naturally, the question “What makes Hostinger better than the others” come up and here’s the response I got from the management.

9.5Expert Score
Excellent 👌

What makes Hostinger better than the others

✈️ Website Speed
💸 Value for money
☎️ Customer Support
💻 Control Panel
🚨 Lifetime SSL Free
hostinger review

 Message from Hostinger

Giving the opportunity for people to learn led Hostinger to become an industry’s price leader with a strong community of more than 29 million happy clients all over the world who choose to continue their journey with Hostinger and unlock all the unlimited web hosting features for the BEST price & quality balance.

Starting from $2.15/month [update: $0.99/mo] webmasters can experience powerful SSD based shared web hosting services & for more demanding ones – only $4.95/month [$3.95/mo] to take absolutely full control over their personal cloud VPS servers.

— Sarune, Hostinger

Bottom Line { Conclusion } – What I Really Think

Hostinger brings a lot to the table, from fantastic pricing to a wide range of server location and the depth of plan types to grow into. These advantages do come at some sacrifice though – such as the lack of migration assistance. Of course, you’ll also have to content with plan renewal price hikes, but that’s quite typical.

Bottom line, Hostinger is a good choice for those who are looking one-stop cheap hosting solution – in particular newbies who are just starting out.

Hostinger Alternatives

Hostinger is often compared with other budget hosting solutions such as A2 Hosting ($2.99/mo), BlueHost ($2.95/mo),  InMotion Hosting ($2.49/mo) and TMD Hosting ($2.95/mo).

In term of pricing, Hostinger has the cheapest plan in all three shared hosting categories (basic one-domain, intermediate, and business plan). Some (such as A2 and InMotion) come with more advanced features and other benefits – please make use of our hosting comparison tool if you are undecided.

100% Authentic Hostinger Review with Pros & Cons | Every Aspects covered
hostinger review

{ Hostinger review }offers a wide variety of hosting services, ranging from the advanced with VPS cloud hosting plans to beginners who just want to get started.

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